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A Momentous Advance in Prophetic Scholarship

Welcome to a unique and powerful resource in your quest to correctly understand bible prophecy. This web site represents the frontier of prophetic biblical scholarship and, with your help, will continue to expand and refine as our prophetic research continues.

The Prophetic Study Notes

The "Study Notes" tab is the current focus of our work. Here you will find study notes regarding the prophecies of the Bible with clear notes describing whether a particular prophecy has been fulfilled already, will be fulfilled in the future, or is a pattern fulfillment. A pattern fulfillment occurs when certain aspects of a particular prophecy in the Old Testament find fulfillment more than once.

When completed, every prophetic passage of the Bible will be color coded by fulfillment and will have in-depth study notes. As you can imagine, this is a massive undertaking and your prayer and financial support would be greatly appreciated. To make your tax deductible gift, click here.

The Revelation Commentary

The "Rev Com" tab contains a complete commentary on the book of Revelation which we have joined with our online ESV Bible. For the first time you will be able to easily read the Revelation Commentary complete with immediate access to the underlying scripture references and discover for yourself the meanings within the mysteries of the Revelation.

The ESV Bible

We've chosen the the ESV® Bible (English Standard VersionĀ®) for its emphasis on "word-for-word" accuracy without sacrificing literary excellence or depth of meaning. The ESV Bible was created by a team of more than 100 leading evangelical scholars and pastors. Since its publication in 2001, the ESV has gained wide acceptance and is used and trusted by church leaders, numerous denominations, and millions of individuals around the world.
The Prewrath Bible
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