The Book of James

BookOfJamesThe book of James is a concise, how-to guide on being a Christian. Although some Christians interpret James as proving that good works play a role in our salvation, this letter actually says that good works are the fruit of our salvation and will attract nonbelievers to the faith.

Date Written

About 49 A.D., before the Jerusalem Council in 50 A.D. and before the destruction of the temple in 70 A.D.

Written To

First century Christians scattered throughout the world, and future Bible readers.

Landscape of the Book of James

This letter on spiritual themes gives practical advice for Christians everywhere, but especially for believers feeling pressure from society’s influences.

Themes in the Book of James

Faith that is alive is demonstrated by a believer’s conduct. We should act out our faith in constructive ways. Trials will test every Christian. We become mature in our faith by facing temptations head-on and conquering them with God’s help.Jesus commanded us to love one another. When we love our neighbors and serve them, we imitate Christ’s servant character.Our tongue can be used to build or destroy. We are responsible for our words and must choose them wisely. God will help us control our speech and our actions as well.Our wealth, however much or little, should be used to advance the Kingdom of God. We should not favor the wealthy nor mistreat the poor. James tells us to follow the advice of Jesus and store up treasures in heaven, through charitable works.