The Rapture Question Answered

The Bible could not be clearer in answering the many end-times questions theological thinkers are hotly debating across America. This book points readers to those answers in a readable, lay-level style that does not sacrifice the importance of scholarship.

The End Times Panorama

Mr. Van Kampen produced a helpful poster depicting the prophetic timeline according to his understanding of scripture. I've digitized this poster and assigned scripture to the major events to aid us in our study.View the End Times Panorama

Prophetic Parallels

The Olivet Discourse, Christ's important teaching on his coming, is echoed in Paul's teaching to the Thessalonians and Jesus' revelation to John. Thanks to the research of Robert Van Kampen and Alan Kurschner, we can compare these passages and see just how linked they truly are.
Parallels: Olivet Discourse and Thessalonians
Parallels: Olivet Discourse and Revelation


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